Warehouse Concrete Floor Coatings

Fllor Coatings Grand Rapids, MI

When you have heavy machinery, expensive equipment and skilled employees on your warehouse floor, you need something safer than the standard-label concrete. A-1 Painting Management offers a superior range of warehouse flooring specially formulated by experts with years of industry experience.

Whether your primary concern is premium-grade safety or easy maintenance, we have the right type of warehouse flooring for you, including Chip, Metallic, Quartz, Epoxy and Polyurea.


Regardless of which warehouse floor material you choose, our warehouse flooring options:

  • Offer superior durability, impact resistance, safety and style.

  • Come in a wide variety of materials, colors, gloss levels and price points.

  • Are protected by both a lifetime and 5-year product warranty.

  • Are installed by our trained and certified flooring crews.

We’ve designed a full line of warehouse concrete floor coatings, each with its own advantages and uses. Get the right warehouse concrete floor coating for your industry with A-1 Painting Management’s products.


Start your new warehouse flooring installation by learning more about the various types available:

  • Chip: Our chip system offers a granite-like appearance and light, orange peel-like texture. Add visual appeal and a safe, non-slip finish to secure worker safety.

  • Metallic: With rich and natural pigments, our metallic floors make a bold statement. The 3D look and high-gloss sheen also increase the lighting and reflectivity of your warehouse environment.

  • Quartz: The quartz system has five separate layers for maximum durability. The chemical and abrasion resistance factors make it a great warehouse concrete floor coating.

  • Epoxy: Our epoxy coatings have strength and durability. Our high-performance epoxy floor coating is cost-effective, long-lasting and ideal for large warehouses.

  • Polyurea: Polyurea is stronger than traditional epoxy, hybrid coatings or paint. Both our solid color and shop floor polyurea systems are designed for extreme adhesion and flexibility.


From heavy machinery impacts to high foot traffic, our warehouse floors stand up to the harshest conditions. For more information on warehouse concrete floor coatings from the experts at A-1 Painting & Floor Coatings, please contact us here or call us directly at 888.705.1146.